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Task 1

Task 2
Maths homework

The zebras are fed first at 6:30 am, the bears are fed fifteen minuetes after the zebras so that means that the bears are fed at 6:45 am .The giraffes are fed at 7:00 am, after the zebras but before the monkeys .The monkeys are fed at 7:15 am , and the lions are fed last at at 7:30 am.

  • Zebras - 6:30
  • Bears - 6:45
  • Giraffes - 7:00
  • Monkeys - 7:15
  • Lions - 7:30

Wednesday 5 March

Task 1

3 Knowledge Questions

1) Why do you think that Kelly's dad had told her to be careful with the campfire?
2) How do you think primitive people built a campfire?
3) What did Kelly mean by saying, 'Mr Armstrong looks like father duck taking his ducklings for a paddle' ?

3 Comprehension Questions

1) Why did Mr Armsrong wear a brown and green life jaket and not a yellow life jaket like the others?
2) Explain how to make a camp fire.
3) Who thought of using buckets and why?

3 Synthesis Questions

1) How did the fire start?
2) What did Kelly mean by 'We need someone to fuss, fuss, fuss ..........' ?
3) What was the bucket brigade?

Well done Nita. Some questions.A good week of Homestudy.
Mr Barrow