Hope you people looking at my page now like it.

Cat - cooperspace <-- Best space ever! (Cooper told me to write this). I like highlighting for some reason. Mwahahahaha....
Yellow thingy - bart8space
Elephant - Youtube
Penguin - Fancy Gens

But for people who's computer is too slow for my glogster page up there, here are the links:
I suggest you see this cool site: narutoun3.namcobandaigames.com
Mr Barrow's Page
weird-random-space.wikispaces.com <<< It's cool! (Soo cool!)
Charlie the Unicorn
Naruto Stuff
Naruto Stuff 2
Avatar The Legend of Aang <<<<< Well... I've been hearing that around at class...
Where the hell is Matt?
Put anything here
For more random links, Click here.
So much links.... >.<