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Remember that I've been hearing about this show around class, so I decided to add this link onto my page. ENJOY!! XD

Aang Vs Firelord Ozai~

Other videos..

Funny avatar moments (book 3 chapter 1-6)

Description: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

Avatar: The Last Puppet Bender - Hot Air

Description: This is so funny! This is the show but in puppet formation. XD

Toph - Numb

Song: Numb ~ By Linkin Park

Description: This is totally cool! It really shows Toph's personality very well~~
the timing of this song and 100%. You could call it perfect~!!
But.. unfortunately... I couldn't put it here since they disabled the embedding...
So here's the YouTube link to the vid~

Avatar - Remember the Name

Song: Remember the Name ~ By Fort Minor

Description: I'd say this video is really cool, then again, the timing is 100%. Totally cool.

0:01 - strength/power (Toph)
0:02 - love/caring (Katara)
0:04 - courage/valor (Sokka)
0:05 - hero (Aang)
0:06 - redemption(Zuko)
0:12 - water/ice
0:14 - earth/metal
0:18 - fire/lightning

chorus: (same throughout)
0:24 - luck
0:25 - skill
0:29 - pleasure
0:31 - pain
0:32 - remember the name

Aang - Savin' Me

Song: Savin' Me

P.S - Please tell me the makers of this song! I don't know who it is!
Description: Then again, the maker of this video is the same as the one who made the video -Toph - Numb-
Thanks to ravenhpltc24 for them!!
She said YouTube ruined her timing for the video... Awww...

Daughters of the Elements

Song: Without Honor or Humanity ~ By Tomoyasu Hotei

Description: Yes, I know, this song is REALLY FAMILIAR!! This song was used in a clip at Broadcast news, right?
The maker of this video AKA ravenhpltc24 said that this song really emphasizes its strong female characters, so she'd figure out she'd do the same in the video.