My Homework:Week 5 Term 1 2008
Homework Week 5,Term 1:
Task One: Ask Questions:

3 Knowledge Questions:

1.Who was Kelly’s new friend?
2.What did Kelly see when she turned around to see camp?
3. Where was the blaze?

3 Comprehension Questions:

1.Why is Mr. Armstrong so fast at kayaking?
2. Before the fire brigade came what did the parents and children start to do?
3.How did Kelly and Emma light their fire?

1 Synthesis Question:

1.What was the purpose of writing this text?

Task Two: Find out and write the meanings of:

1.A natural stream of water normally smaller than and often tributary to a river.
2. A stream or narrow river.

1.A raised way across wet ground or water.
2.A raised path, especially across a wet area.

1. A raised path, especially across a wet area.
2.To shout loudly in order to interrupt someone that you disagree with.

1.A contract by which one conveys real estate, equipment, or facilities for a specified term and for a specified rent;
Also: the act of such conveyance or the term for which it is made.
2.A legal agreement in which you pay money in order to use a building, piece of land, vehicle, etc. for a period of time.

Answer these questions:

1.What does DOC stand for and what do they do?


DOC stands for Department of Conservation.
Doc takes care of almost extinct trees, plants, animals and insects.
They are totally awesome!!!!!!

2.How do you get to Moec Camp at Administration Bay?

(In the Homestudy book.)

3.How long has the camp functioned as an educational outdoor camp?

Answer: The camp has functioned as an outdoor camp since 1966.

4.List the activities you can do on camp:

Survivor Challenge course
Tramping / historical walks
Confidence course
Problem solving activities
Raft Building
Swimming / water safety

Low ropes
Burma Trail
Flying Fox
Bouldering on indoor cave
Unihoc, indoor soccer/basketball

    • Leader must be approved prior to camp.

5.Say in a paragraph which would be your favorite and why:
I think all of the activities are quite motivating and exiting. But I think most of all I would to go on Survivor Challenge course, Confidence course, Snorkeling, Low ropes, Flying Fox, Bouldering on indoor cave because…
Survivor Challenge course-Because I want to get wet.
Confidence course-Because in the photos on the Motutapu Website, the photos were quite interesting.
Snorkeling-I loved snorkeling when we went to Lloyds Elsmore.
Low ropes-I would like to try something new. Because I do not know what low ropes is.
Flying Fox-I utterly love the flying fox it is so amusing.
Bouldering on indoor cave-I’ve never been in a cave before.

Task Three: Note-Making:
The Main Camp-
The Main Camp is quite fine and the sea views are just wonderful.
Also the amenities are endless it’s really exciting going to a place like this!

The Lodge-
This is a beautiful and well-situated Heritage building with covered with silhouettes and open-air seating.
The lodge is fully self-contained with modern kitchen facilities.

The Cottage-
A contented and cozy ‘Bach’ style lodging on the waterfront. The cottage is fully independent; also stunning, uninterrupted views.