My Home Study:
Week 6 Term 1:

Knowledge Questions:

1.Is Condylactis Gigantea a marine sea creature?
Yes it is.

2.Does Condylactis Gigantea grow on Coral?
Yes it does.

3.Do any marine sea creatures ever eat it?
No they can’t, because the Condylactis Gigantea has a powerful shock, which measures about approximately 400 volts!!!!

Comprehension Questions:
1.Has Condylactis Gigantea got suction cups (just like the limpet)?
No it does not have suction cups.

2.How does it kill sea creatures?
With the shock of 400 volts!!! Of Course!
When the creatures swim past it pretend to have died but then it pounces.

3.Why doesn’t it need air to survive?

Synthesis Question: 1. Why is Condylactis Gigantea mostly found in the Caribbean?

Because it is a salt-water creature and it is most comfortable there.

Well done Aakanksha. A great week of homestudy. Keep up the good work.

Mr Barrow